Web Design and Development

The design of a site is crucial. Without an attractive layout which appeals to a potential customer, you are likely to turn them away, with them leaving in search of something easier on the eye. As important as the words themselves are, the way in which they arranged is similarly important when dealing with websites. It is as much art as coding, as what is created from the raw code must assemble into something that looks spectacular. This is why we incorporate the latest technology such as databases and Flash in order to really make the customers say WOW!!

Also, when simplicity is required, the diversity of HTML means that it loads quickly in a browser, while being displayed accurately in all browsers. HTML is the standard for internet coding, and so no plug-ins are required.

HTML Design It is ideal for standard and e-commerce websites that do not require special multimedia functions such as audio / video. The advantage of HTML-based websites is the small size that makes them fast loading. Additionally, HTML websites are compatible with all industry standard web browsers and do not require download of plugins from the visitors.

Flash Design Are you looking for astonishingly brilliant Flash design? We create high quality designs that leap out and grab the attention of your customers. We achieve this by creating our designs to be fully interactive so that they fully involve your customer in the experience. When we begin your project the design is already there yet it is still a vision, a vision that we are ready to turn into reality.

WINUX Systems creates both intro designs for splash pages and complete Flash web sites that rival the best. You could say we think to the future, we imagine what your Flash design would look like if it was created years ahead and then we start our work. Many of our customers tell us that they want a site that will have the general wow effect. The wow effect is when a site or design has a unique or ground-breaking look that sets the design apart from others. This is our greatest talent and we are ready to make a good impression on your visitors.

In addition to simply designing your Flash content, we will also offer advice on how best to use it on your site. For example, if you want a site designed entirely in Flash then we will discuss the problem of search engine placement. Search engine spiders cannot index Flash content as it is technically a graphic, and so we will assist in the design of a splash page. This is a combination of Flash and HTML, two of our specialist areas, and allows the search engines to index your site based on the content of this page. People will then be able to easily find your site, and you will not lose out on the creativity of Flash.