Software Processes

Our methodology for Project Development

Understanding and Estimating The Project

  1. Develop functional \ non-functional requirements of project.
  2. Define project scope.
  3. Define entry criteria for user acceptance document risks, assumpation, issues, out of scope and definition.
  4. Suggest technology solutions.
  5. Identify Infrastructure requirements.
  6. Provide estimates. (Funcation point based or work break down structure based).
  7. Deliver software requiremnt document on completion of phase

Project Planning In project planing phase we provide detailed project plan, schedule and milestones. It comparise:

  1. Project Plan.
  2. Identification of skills and resource plan.
  3. Quality management Plan.
  4. Configuration Plan.
  5. Project Testing Plan.

Project Development and Deployment

  1. Architecture and Design.
  2. Writing (Unit, Funcational Test Cases)
  3. Construction and unit testing
  4. Deployment of Application
  5. Funcational Testing and bug fixing
  6. Client carries UAT on deployed application Training the client and demostration of product Any changes in requirements are handled by change request process defined in Project plan


  1. Maintain application during the warranty period. Fix all technical bugs raised in warranty period
  2. Provid immidiate support to priority issues

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